(You know the one I mean...the one that's become a dumping ground.) 

As we touch and become aware of each possession, we take to mind the meaning behind it; the memories, the unfinished business, the parts of us we try to hide away.  Sometimes it becomes a powerless and paralyzing present.  Sometimes we need help to clear out and make room for the fresh and new.

In this new state, your mind and space has the 

You don't need to stay in the powerlessness.

...to be able to use that room or closet again?  

What would it be like to always be able to find your keys?

what WILL be able to change, what CAN you create, and what SHALL you become. 

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I am so grateful to be blessed with my passion. I am excited each day when I can be part of your transformation.  Call me, and we'll start you and your space on your way to freedom right now.

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Christine Cope, Owner

Raleigh, NC


​​See for yourself: Before and After Pictures

Christine came to help me when my daughter called her.  I had been in the hospital and needed my home rearranged.  She cleaned out my closets, kitchen and organized my items.  When I returned home, the house was easier to get around and I could find everything.  Thanks to Christine, nothing that was sentimental to me was missing.

~Elizabeth W.

freedom to shift to a state of possibilities -

...to come home to ease instead of a mess?

Freeing up space in your surroundings, in your heart and mind, allows the would haves, the could haves, the should haves... to fade.

...to know that you weren't storing expired food or medicine?